RENATER service
for your Web conferencing !

Direct access from desktop browser.
And now tablets and smartphones with JItsi Meet on Google Play and Apple Store

Your browser is not compatible with RENdez-vous.
Please use one these recommended Browsers.

Web conferencing best practice

Log in 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.
Take care that all participants are well centered.
Be careful of lightening (try to avoid back lights).
Please mute your microphone when you do not speak.
  Please raise your hand when you want to speak.
Put your microphone optimally and speak in the same way as if your interlocutor was in the same room as you.
For personal videoconference, use headphones to get a better result.

About RENdez-vous

RENdez-vous is the RENATER WebRTC video call service powered by Jitsi-Meet opensource software.